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live effects

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As always an simple question and a difficult answer. I’m looking for the right sound.

I play a tenor Sax 1970 Conn Saxophone Shooting Star.
Mouthpiece is vandoren Jumbo T55
Reed Rico royal. Sometimes vandoren jazz
I’m fairly happy whit this set up. :)

I play mostly jazz, blues, en rock and then I the style of the old honkers like for instants Big jay McNeeley. My favourite sound is the sound produced by Clarence Clemons (Bruce Springsteen )
Now my question. How can I produce in al live setting de sound I described above ?
I don’t want to change my sax or anything on that, neither I want to change my ( poor ) technique.
I’m looking for advise for live effects ( delay, echo etc.) that I can use on stage. For that edgy ruff sounds of the fifties en sixties. Can anyone give me advise? :?

Thanks T Zoot:D
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First thought- probably check out V16 reeds, they seem to work very well with a lot of air pressure. secondly- blow hard and add a very slight throat growl... you really shouldn't need any effects, with the possible exception of a slight touch of reverb or analog echo...
Finally- bear in mind the Likes of the Mighty Big Jay actually used very conventional set ups, big chamber ebonite mouthpieces- the whole metal mouthpeice with a baffle thing came in much later
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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