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live effects

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As always an simple question and a difficult answer. I’m looking for the right sound.

I play a tenor Sax 1970 Conn Saxophone Shooting Star.
Mouthpiece is vandoren Jumbo T55
Reed Rico royal. Sometimes vandoren jazz
I’m fairly happy whit this set up. :)

I play mostly jazz, blues, en rock and then I the style of the old honkers like for instants Big jay McNeeley. My favourite sound is the sound produced by Clarence Clemons (Bruce Springsteen )
Now my question. How can I produce in al live setting de sound I described above ?
I don’t want to change my sax or anything on that, neither I want to change my ( poor ) technique.
I’m looking for advise for live effects ( delay, echo etc.) that I can use on stage. For that edgy ruff sounds of the fifties en sixties. Can anyone give me advise? :?

Thanks T Zoot:D
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I have to agree with Nachoman. Clarence Clemens has that "sound" because he's "that good". It's because he practices real hard (listen to Bruce's version of "Santa Claus is Comin' to Town) :)

His sound isn't electronic, it's actually his technique.

However, if you want some delays and reverbs, there are a lot of nice effects boxes out there today. I personally use a Digitech S-100 - a nice rack-mountable unit but there are a lot of other great choices. If I was to buy another one, I'd look at the foot-pedal type effects units out today with an expression pedal built-in. Digitech has a few as does Boss. I would stick with one that is made for vocals but you can try any of them. Lexicon also gets some great ratings when it comes to delays and reverbs. Enjoy. Sometimes shopping around is half the fun! Make sure you can return them though if you don't end up liking what you've bought.

- Mike
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