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Periodically, someone (mostly in Thailand, until now, but this one seems to be Indonesian) someone " invents" the wooden saxophone (and I am not talking about recorders or whistles with a reed).

Mind you, there are all manner of objects made of wood sold to tourists in this area of the world. Even cars (albeit only to display). I am a photographer and in the world of cameras there are lots of accessories made of wood.

We have been speaking before of these but the ones that I had seen until now were completely made of wood, including the mechanics. And destined to warp and die a a slow death as a simulacrum on a shelf some day after having UNWISELY bought one , more or less like may other souvenirs which one buys while on a trip abroad. At best a conversation piece.

I am not saying that this LITANY ( what a BAD name for a saxophone! Probably the dictionary which offered the bad translation wasn't a very good one ) is any better than the other wooden saxophones (the demo player certainly isn't the best player to showoff the few qualities and probably many defects of this wooden sax) BUT at the very least they use a brass keywork on a wooden body, which may make this thing last a bit longer.

The sound is ...not good.


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That took a ton of time and skill to make. All things considered sound is not that bad. String or rubber band lig included. Would be interesting to hear pro play.....I wonder why the video author cut quickly at the end ?

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Pretty cool. I'm a hobbyist woodworker so find this pretty interesting.

Need to hear someone else playing it to truly evaluate the sound.
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