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Lintons come across eBay once in a while.

They are either R. Malerne stencils, or Orsi stencils. France or Italia...take your pick...

I have a couple of Linton Tenors, one being the Orsi, the other the Malerne.

The sax in this instance is a Malerne. Absolutely sure, based on RH pinky spatula and the left hand pinky the bell brace.

The Orsi ones have the "sideways teardrop" shaped bell brace and a different pinky table, a more standard RH pinky spatula on the C. There is an Orsi Linton up on eFlay now...incidentally, at the BIN price, for a horn which has already been completely's kind of a steal; if anyone is willing to take the leap of faith, I would bet you it would pay off (no it's not mine):

However, I would not call either The Malerne nor Orsi-made Lintons "student" horns; they are better than that....the ones I have are both respectable pro players; heavy, well made, decent ergos, good action, nice tone....the Malerne silghtly edgier sounding, the Orsi mellower and purer sounding.
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