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Saxophone Resources

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Saxophone History

Adolphe Sax, the Belgian inventor, patented the saxophone in 1846. His invention combined the single reed of the clarinet with the bore and fingering patterns of the oboe, producing unique tonal qualities.

Saxophones are made in seven sizes and pitch levels, spanning the entire spectrum
of wind-instrument pitches. The most common are the Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Baritone saxophones.

Although composers of classical music have written for it, the instrument has been most effectively used in jazz and popular music, and the number jazz performers risen to fame playing the sax is ever increasing.

Playing Techniques

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Study material & Teaching
Buying a saxophone
Saxophone Repair, Maintenance & Accessories
Saxophone makes

  1. King Zephyr vs. Martin Committee II alto saxophones
  2. Buffet 400 Series Professional alto saxophones
  3. Selmer Reference 54 alto vs. Yanagisawa A992
[*]Old SML and Buescher Saxophone Ads [*]Vintage Saxophone Ads by Pete Thomas

[*]Contrabass saxophones by Wikipedia[*]Bb subcontrabass version of the Tubax by Benedikt Eppelsheim wind instruments
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Reeds & Mouthpieces
Other Resources

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