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I've got this Ottolink bari piece that I got through a trade that I'll be selling soon to help pay for some upcoming medical bills. I don't know a whole lot about it, so if you guys could help me out.

After looking at Theo's mouthpiece museum, it looks like an older Florida STM with no USA stamp on it, original 7* facing. Some of the gold playing is worn on the sides through to the silver plating, no nicks, bite plate has no scratches or teeth marks what so ever.

The shank has two rings on it with "Super" Tone Master printed inbetween them. The 7* stamp is located just above the reed table towards the end of the mouthpiece, as seen in the pictures.

I have two pics, not the best quality, but you can get the idea of what this piece is at least.

Also, if you could give me an idea of what this will sell for so I have a target price in mind and don't get taken. This is a great playing piece, but those medical bills add up... :cry:

Thanks everyone!
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Yes, thats a florida link -- i have one for tenor - they are good mouthpieces :D

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I borrowed my neighbor's camera, here are some better photo's.

What would a piece like this sell for?
it depends on alot of different things---probably $250-$500 go to ebay and type in florida otto link than on the left of the page click on " completed listings " to get exact prices .
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