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link help

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hey guys.
im new to this site and find the level of knowledge and experience amazing.
just wanted to say hi and get some help. first of all a bit bout my self, from nsw australia and used to play alto sax for a few years at school then quit for 5 years and started up 2 months ago, am having so much fun playing, just joined up a big band and am taking improvisation classes.

Next some advice please. am after a otto link for my alto saxophone with a 7 face opening, i dont know wether i should buy a new one or a vintage one. was bidding last night on a florida model but lost out. i found a nother one on ebay but it is a usa

would this mouth piece be a good buy? should i keep looking for vintage pieces or just buy a new one.

any help would be greatly appreciated.

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There are multiple threads here arguing about poor quality control on modern Links. Phil Barone makes mouthpieces and says they're all pretty good. My son got a Link 7 for me off e-bay when I didn't know any better, and probably as a result I never had any trouble and it just sounds better and better.

I think if I were starting over I'd buy three modern Links at the cost of 10% of a vintage, pick the best, sell the rest and take my wife out for a meal on the profits.
are you sure that one is even vintage? i'd ask the seller where the facing number is stamped on the piece (and for some more pics). if it's on the side, it's vintage. on the shank, it's modern. from the looks of the ligature and the shank of the piece though, i'd guess that it is a modern otto link...and you can find out what a new one sells for pretty easily. peace- mike
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hoax1 said:
Next some advice please. am after a otto link for my alto saxophone with a 7 face opening, i dont know wether i should buy a new one or a vintage one.
Not really the same price range to compare Im afraid.

I play a modern link STM 7, and although the lig sucks (dont they all?), the piece is just fine. I think it cost $60 here second hand. As opposed to a "florida link" that could be an order of magnitude more. (and probably plays better???)

If you have $600 for a mouthpiece, then there is a huge array of modern and vintage ones out there to chose from, the difficulty is knowing whats best for you. And if you dont know what you want, then you probably have no business spending that kind of money anyway.

Anyway, there was a great page on all the link history here on theo wannes site: The answer to your question probably depends how much you want to spend, but on a budget, many of the modern links are still perfectly OK, they just dont have the mystique of the old ones, and perhaps not the same "investment potential"
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I'm in australia as weel. I wouln't really go for a link on alto, I recommend the new vandoren pieces, they are great.It's the new V series, I would avoid a jumbo java but do like the java A45 or A55.The other great choice is a meyer.
thank you for the help.
am going to a music store in warners bay to try out a few mouth pieces. will be trying some links vandorans and meyers.

hope i find a good one
ended up buying a meyer 5 mouthpiece. it sounded great and blew unreal through the whole register. :D
didnt get a chance to try a 6 out though but the pro said i wasnt developed enough to use a 6 yet.

is it possible to get a 5 opened up to a 6 in the future. mojo does stuff like that doesnt he.

any way what a great mouthpiece feels like i can shape notes with it

Yep, any refacer should be able to open it up for you and I bet it would play even better once you develop more. Hope you enjoy the piece!
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