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Lincoln Tenor Sax: Can anyone please help with info on this Beast.

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I would really appreciate any information regarding the origin etc for this sax.
The name engraved on the front is LINCOLN Made in USA and under the thumb hook it has the letters: P ID Sept,14,1915.
The body of the sax is gold laquered, one piece body and bell with silver plated keys mechanisms & pads. Also the G# key is chunky and you have to stretch the pinky to reach it. There is no adjustment on any part of the linkages and for all that, the sax is easy to blow, in tune and has a big sound. I have owned several Altos & Tenors for the past 50 + years and have never seen or heard of this brand of Sax before.
Any help in identifying the manufacturer or other information regarding this instrument would be greatly appreciated...Thanks...

P.S. I have a photo of the Instrument but not sure how to add it to this thread !!
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With that arrangement of numbers on the back, it'll be a Conn stencil - that is, made by Conn but with the Lincoln name put on. I'd guess that the keys are nickel plated rather than silver, which I would imagine would be quite unusual for a stencil horn.
kudik said:
Lincoln is manufactured in Taiwan!
More recent ones may be, but the sax under discussion here says 'Made in USA' under the thumb hook. I think it's pretty certain to be a Conn stencil.
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