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Ligature with parallel rails

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So, I know that Bonade and the BG Tradition have parallel rails.....who else has a lig that's built like this?
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bass: The Vandoren Optimum comes with three removable plates. At least one of those plates has parallel rails, as I recall.

Also, a Winslow lig, while not having rails, can be arranged with their little cushioned studs in line. DAVE
I got a couple new "H" Ligatures in if anyone wants to buy one for almost 50% list prices.

They are for Alto. Gold & come with cap.
bruce bailey said:
How much shipped to 33143?
$32 for the product and the shipping.
are the ligs for metal or HR
trigger said:
are the ligs for metal or HR
Unlike the Tenor H-Ligs that Rico makes one for HR and one for Metal, they only have one model for the alto. Looking at its packaged diameter, I conclude that it definately will fit over hard rubber. I guess they assume it might work on some "fatter" shanked metal ones too though.

Hope that's clarifying now. Good catch.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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