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Ligature for Yanagisawa HR 7 Soprano MP

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Looking for ligature recommendations for a Yanagisawa soprano HR 7 mouthpiece. Not sure if the mouthpiece is an unusual shape or size (3-inch barrel circumference), but the ligature that came with it seems too small. It has to be almost completely unscrewed to fit with a reed (in fact the screws came out of the threads the first time I tried to fit it on with a reed). It could just need some breaking in maybe?

I tried a Rovner dark too. It also had to be unscrewed way more than I'd expect to fit, enough that the included Rovner mp cap doesn't fit. It can work, but the main thing I didn't like with it is that the leather is pretty grippy so sliding it on or making small adjustments was difficult. FWIW I use Rovner light and dark ligs on alto and tenor mouthpieces without problems.

Thinking about trying the m/o lig but have seen others have size trouble on non-Vandoren mouthpieces, so figured I'd ask. So if anybody has the same or similar sized mouthpiece and a ligature they recommend, I'm all ears. Ideally 1-screw, easy to make minor adjustments, and secure enough when tightened that mp can be adjusted on neck without the lig moving. Thanks!
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Any ligature that would fit a Link rubber piece or Jody Jazz rubber piece will fit the Yanagisawa soprano mouthpiece.
Thanks that's good info. I was looking at BG soprano ligatures too and their chart showed they weren't compatible with Yanagisawa, JJ, or Link. So I'll look for JJ/Link compatibility where Yanagisawa isn't specified.
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