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Alto - Series II, Tenor - Reference 54
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I'm sure this has been asked many times, and I searched for it but the only consistent answer I could find was to go with Rovner, which I am not a huge fan of. Here's the backstory:

I bought my Reference 54 Tenor about 4 months ago and of the 3 mouthpieces I purchased the S80 C* that came with it plays the best. However, the stock metal ligature that came with it does not fit well over both the mouthpiece and reed, neither does either of my two Optimums nor does my Vandoren M/O. I'm considering purchasing an Ishimori, but am curious to hear if anyone else has had this experience, what ligature you like, and if you have an Ishimori I'd love to hear your thoughts. Anybody play on a S80/Ishimori combo? Thanks in advance!

(Obviously talking classical set up here, I don't do a whole lot of jazz but love my Otto link!)
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