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Phil doesnt suggest the plain band rovners.
Any reason why not?
Does it have anything to do with the specificities of your mouthpieces? Or is it a general "dislike" for Rovners?

I find my Rovner (Star line) quite handy, it is easy to fit and doesn't move once it is on the MP.
Is there another brand of ligatures that also has the above qualities that would be reward a recommendation?

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A general dislike as they fail to seal well at times. Rovners with plates are fine. Im also not a big proponent of expensive ligs. As far as Im concerned a decent two screw lig is plenty
We essentially agree on everything! Doc Tenney used to strongly dislike the plain band Rovner ligatures for the same reason. There is nothing like a decent two screw ligature like the greats of the past used for years.
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