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Lewin Alto Mouthpiece - any information

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I just bought an alto mouthpiece on eBay for fun and I wonder if anyone in the forum can tell me more about it.

It is marked Lewin Table 4, London, Made in England
Silver plated.
Lawton-style ligature
Very large round chamber
Curved sidewalls
No baffle
It looks as if the ring round the shank was a separate item.

I have only played it briefly, and it sounds like a very clear classical mouthpiece to me.

There is some information on other SOTW threads that says that Lewin Bros, 17 Moor St., London W1, England, was a music shop in London, that sold stencil saxes (Martins).
So I'm wondering if this is a stencil mouthpiece.

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Hi, I just received a lewis alto mpc. This is more or less the same as yours but in hard rubber. I have an old dolnet sax I am trying to repair but who mostly works ok. I only had a selmer S90 who sounded almost good on hiw but the Lewin test give a really mellow sound, all the notes are softer but easier to blow. There was a strange phenomenon with the low G that was "harmonizing" really easily, with the lewin it's gone. Good catch for 4.95€.

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