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Lewin Alto Mouthpiece - any information

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I just bought an alto mouthpiece on eBay for fun and I wonder if anyone in the forum can tell me more about it.

It is marked Lewin Table 4, London, Made in England
Silver plated.
Lawton-style ligature
Very large round chamber
Curved sidewalls
No baffle
It looks as if the ring round the shank was a separate item.

I have only played it briefly, and it sounds like a very clear classical mouthpiece to me.

There is some information on other SOTW threads that says that Lewin Bros, 17 Moor St., London W1, England, was a music shop in London, that sold stencil saxes (Martins).
So I'm wondering if this is a stencil mouthpiece.

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Talk about a shotgun mouthpiece! It does look like a copy of the Otto Link design. I have a modern Otto Link STM and while it has more baffle than that, it's not much more (it's very dark, almost muted in sound). After looking up the Master Link, it seems very likely this WAS a Master Link, just rebranded:,+Truetone

"Lewin Brothers was a Music Wholesaler house and importer, and like most British firms, stamped the imported horns with their company's name."
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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