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level aire for jazz?

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how would a level aire do for jazz work. everything from rock to funk to straight foreward jazz to latin. If not this then what else would be good?

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There are vintage LAs and newer ones that are different designs. Both have high baffles and medium chambers. Either could work if you get a good tip opening for you. Consider a .105"-.115" tip. This would be about a 7* in the vintage and a 10 in the newer LAs.

Consider a Runyon Quantum. Runyon makes the new LAs. The Quantums have the same interior design and are easier to find in the larger sizes. They also come in metal and Delrin (the "Custom"). The Custom is inexpensive and really rips. The metal is a bit more mellow, but still gutsy. Rovner L-13s are good ligs for these MPs.
thanks for the help mojo.

If it helps i'm playing a conn 12m
I have a modern level aire, and it's a good piece. It doesn't have a ton of projection though unfortunately, but a very full, robust sound. It plays MUCH like a runyon custom spoiler actually, thus it's my back up piece.
I've heard a player who used a vintage LA for jazz. He got an edgy Motown sound, mostly partials, from it. It's not what I like but tastes vary. FWIW he played a Lakey on his other horns and wished Lakey made a bari mpc.
Bari Playa said:
If it helps i'm playing a conn 12m
Some older horns are very particular about chamber size with respect to intonation. Your 12M may prefer something with a larger chamber.
I have a very early LA bari piece...used to play a 12M and it never worked at all, even after I had the neck extended. I always used a Link STM (older one with a pretty aggressive rollover and very hollow sidewalls) that worked quite well for R&B. I now play a Yani B991 and mostly use a Yani metal (the Link did not work well on this horn), but have been experimenting with the LA for rock and R&B section's very effective, easier to get that chainsaw growl if that's what you seek, but can also be played chilled out...
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