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Lester Young with Illinois Jacquet...

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Haven't seen this before, and it's glorious:

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Thanks Kelly. It's funny but I was just watching that jam session on YouTube this morning and thought about posting it but went and practiced instead. We must be on the same wavelength but the thing is that the clip you posted is a 4 minute abbreviated one and the one I watched is 6 minutes longer and begins with the credits and a lot more. Better quality video too. I have nothing but praise for the person who uploaded it because it's an incredible rare treat. If you liked the first one, check this one below out and see what I mean.

BTW if you want to see more live footage of Illinois Jacquet I just posted a thread with clips from the great film about him: Texas Tenor: The Illinois Jacquet Story. Very much worth watching.
Hey Kelly I really love your blog. Lots of very helpful stuff in there. I just read your article on long tones and think it's great....making me realize that I have to quit avoiding them as well as giving me insight and aid into how to do them effectively. I just thought I'd let you know cause the stuff you do is really helping me out a lot. Thanks
1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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