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Lester Young with Illinois Jacquet...

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Haven't seen this before, and it's glorious:

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the thing is that the clip you posted is a 4 minute abbreviated one and the one I watched is 6 minutes longer and begins with the credits and a lot more. Better quality video too.
Thanks, Jazz Is All! I hope everybody checks out this WAAAYY improved version of the clip -- as JIA notes, it's more than twice as long, with some great stuff! Amazing...

(I'm also posting the actual YouTube link...

... so I can watch it on my iPod. If notice that if I use the vBulletin YouTube tags, then the iPod just says "Sorry, cannot display", but if the actual link is there, then you can watch it...)
Hey Kelly I really love your blog. Lots of very helpful stuff in there. I just read your article on long tones and think it's great....making me realize that I have to quit avoiding them as well as giving me insight and aid into how to do them effectively. I just thought I'd let you know cause the stuff you do is really helping me out a lot. Thanks
Jazz Is All, thanks -- I appreciate that, and I hope it's useful info! And in the meantime, I'm gonna dig this video again...
1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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