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Lessons by Zoom - setup

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I'm trying to figure out how to begin taking lessons from my teacher by Zoom during the COVID19 restrictions. I'm trying first to record a session across my own home onto another computer to see how it comes out. I really can't see how he'll be able to tell much about my playing. The volume seems to fluctuate when I didn't actually change it--apparently done by the Zoom program? And the articulations cannot be heard all that well. High notes don't register well, and low notes are fine though. If I back up and play farther from the mic, it sounds like an orchestral player, very clarinet-like.

Any tips for how to better arrange things?

Another point...I cannot seem to get it to "hear" both the jazz accompaniment I'm playing along with and my live improv. Makes me think we won't get to work on improv at all...

I'm using a focusrite USB box with a couple mics plugged in: Rode NT2a and Shure SM58. I've tried different volume levels and distances. Funny thing is, I get great results in my DAW Pro Tools. I just can't find a way to make it happen over the airwaves.

I hope you're all staying healthy and safe. Blessings!
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I use Zoom for all of the online lessons I teach, and it’s about managing expectations.

For backing tracks, the best method for live stuff is playing them through speakers and playing along, letting the mic pick up both. I don’t think you can have the track go direct (but maybe you can run the track to a bus in youe DAW then out to Zoom...if so I’ve never done that).

I have the students (and myself) turn to the side and not point directly at the mic, because it overloads the auto compressor/auto gain.

There’s no crystal clear solution right now, but I’m sure there will be a better one coming soon - lots of people are finding out how limiting the current tech is, and see the potential for online lessons/rehearsals going forward!
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