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Lesson a day ?

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Being a late bloomer I find I peruse Sax on the web daily. sometimes taking away good information sometimes not. I see that some of the regulars have elected to start a song or tune a day. Good idea. Now how about a Lesson a Day starting at the beginning written out to be fossil proof for us older folk. If I scan the site for half an hour and there was a lesson we could do for the same period of time or longer throughout the day. One we can practice for the day and hopefully carry on to the next lesson. Or Maybe one or two a week would be more realistic. Maybe a second exersize for intermetiates to follow. At say one year down the road you would have a fine complete set of exercises that make sense, and keep us on track. By sax on the web contributers and moderators for beginners. You could contribute to a new crop of seniors and juniors with basic sax skills. Remember not all of us can get out, not all of us can afford lessons. but we all have a passion for sax. Help us keep our trains on the track don't let us get derailed for lack of a clear and precise direction. help us hang on to the passion not get swallowed up by a lack of direction.
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Wait...I get it. The OP is suggesting a section of the forum, for beginners, penned by SOTW admins/mods...which are various lessons for beginners. Or a series of lessons, or sumthin' like that. Free lessons, available to all....

if I get the gist.....

Problem #1: too many cooks in the could never get multiple authors to settle on the content and semantics of a single lesson.

Problem #2: not a good reinvention of the wheel....there are teachers who teach in person, and there are teachers who teach online....and there are teachers who have written and marketed their lessons in books/dvd's/etc (see Pete's links above as a good example); and finally, there are free video clips online which could very loosely be described as a vid 'lesson'. Most of these are better avenues than a set of free lessons printed on a Forum.

"Lesson of the Day" could be an interesting topic of discussion...more in regards to a thread asking "If you had a brand new player student, what would be the first 5 lessons of their curriculum ?" But I don't think it could realistically work as a blueprint which someone (who didn't wanna pay for lessons) could utilize enough to develop.
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