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Hi there,
I wish we had a category in the forum to highlight and appreciate sax players and sax tunes that perhaps are not known by most of people.
Right now I'm listening to Quercus album by June Tabor: voice, Iain Ballamy: tenor and soprano saxophones, Huw Warren: piano.
It is an album full of gorgeous tunes and I must say Iain creates one of the best saxophone sounds I ever heard. I came across his work with Food music band (Thomas Strønen: drums, live-electronics; Iain Ballamy: tenor- and soprano saxophones; Nils Petter Molvær: trumpet, electronics; Christian Fennesz: guitar, electronics). Food works are those that I can play day and night and feel they can be part of my life ambience forever. It is like morphing almost-accidental sounds mixed with very melodic lines, sort of covering the both extreme ends of listening experience.
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