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Ok SO. There are a ton of threads here with tons of differing information to dig through regarding cases. Lots of great info, but a lot to sift through.

So I'm going to ask for what I specifically need.

Looking for a contoured case that I can fly with. Must accommodate a Martin tenor with left hand bell keys. Would highly prefer being able to carry on. Looking for a case that offers great protection, and some storage, though I'm not hugely concerned about that (room for neck and mouthpiece would be nice). Something with a solid strap preferred. I'm willing to push my budget to around $300, but too far past that I can't really afford.

I've seen conflicting reports on the viability for left hand bell keys in Gator, Protec, SKB, and Bam.

Conflicting reports on the durability of protec in particular (fabric exterior degrading quickly)

Reports of Gator and skb not closing properly.

Bam has a bunch of products listed at all different price ranges, but it's hard to discern the actual differences, as well as finding a good value. I can't spend 500, but will 300 for a bam case actually be worth it?

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