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"It is designed to have a huge presence in front of very large venues."

So the mouthpiece takes care of the light show now. What will be next is a limited edition piece that also includes a smoke machine.

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I'm probably the first one to jump on the Sugal Bashing band wagon. The stories over the years and his marketing rhetoric have been appalling.

But I don't see where it says it has LED lights.

It just looks like the regular sparkle bite plate he's used for years right??

I missed a joke I'm sure.

The weirdest thing I have seen with him is his massive massive fluctuations in price for the same models of mouthpieces. And why I think we've heard people saying some of his pieces are great, excellent even and others have reported that they received a $300-$400 door stop.

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Its actually a bargain for his piece! On the Sugal website he was listing the new MB111 models for I believe around 1,200 or somewhere around there. There are vids on Youtube of Paul Perez playing the MB111 and he sounds really incredible. Then again, Paul can sound good on anything he plays

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Now the link gives me this:

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<img src="" alt="Selections from The Nightmare Before Christmas - Concert Band Level 3 arranged by Michael Brown" title="Selections from The Nightmare Before Christmas - Concert Band Level 3 arranged by Michael Brown" />
<div class="info">
<a class="displayNameColor" href="/Hal-Leonard-Selections-from-The-Nightmare-Before-Christmas-Concert-Band-Level-3-arranged-by-Michael-Brown-J53805-J53805000000000.wwbw">Hal Leonard Selections from The Nightmare Before Christmas - Concert Band Level 3 arranged by Michael Brown </a><strong>Qty: 1</strong>
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