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Leblank Vito Resonite

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Hello All;

A few years ago I was in a junk shop and saw a Vito Clarinet for $30.00. Never having played clarinet but having $30.00 in my pocket I decided to buy it. It's alway cool to learn new things. I had it worked over by a tech and took some lessons but mostly I just play it by ear for my own enjoyment.

My daughter now wants to join 4th grade band to play clarinet. I really have no idea about whether or not a Vito is a good student clarinet or a piece of junk. I doubt it will sound like a Yamaha in terms of tone but is it considered an easy playing instrument? I'd like for her experience starting band to be a positive one so I don't want her learning on a crummy instument that is unresponsive and difficult to play. I can work up to a better sounding clarinet for her if she really shows interest in this.

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Sorry to resurrect an older thread, but a question concerning the Vito Resonites: Are they the same horn as Armstrong Resonites? I have a cheapie Armstrong from the 80's that I've quite happy with. I saw some pics of the Vito and thought it may be the same thing (especially with the Resonite label).
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