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Leblank Vito Resonite

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Hello All;

A few years ago I was in a junk shop and saw a Vito Clarinet for $30.00. Never having played clarinet but having $30.00 in my pocket I decided to buy it. It's alway cool to learn new things. I had it worked over by a tech and took some lessons but mostly I just play it by ear for my own enjoyment.

My daughter now wants to join 4th grade band to play clarinet. I really have no idea about whether or not a Vito is a good student clarinet or a piece of junk. I doubt it will sound like a Yamaha in terms of tone but is it considered an easy playing instrument? I'd like for her experience starting band to be a positive one so I don't want her learning on a crummy instument that is unresponsive and difficult to play. I can work up to a better sounding clarinet for her if she really shows interest in this.

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The Vito resonite is the most popular student rental clarinet in my area. They DO compare with the Yamaha resonite in regards to tone. No clarinet is 'easy' to play. However, Vitos' are 'child friendly'.

If she decides to keep going and steps up to a wood clarinet, keep this one for marching band.
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