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hotsax said:
Can someone give me some info on these horns? The student models especially, looks very similiar to YTS 23 but has no indication of Vito, which I believed once was a sister company to Yamaha and made the LeBlanc line of horns, but this horn just reads LeBlanc not LeBlanc by Vito.
Same horn or different horn ? Anyone with this knowledge please respond.
I am assuming this is not a new horn? Does it say where in the world it was made (Paris, Germany, Japan, Taiwan)?

I havent seen one in a long time. Vito has been the main LeBlanc student horn for a long time. Currently, Vito horns are made by Yamaha. There was a time when they were made by Jupiter.

My best guess is that the LeBlanc was the better end model prior to becoming the US distributor for Yanagisawa at which point, they stopped using the LeBlanc name for saxes. This is just a guess though.
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