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The Vitos that are stencils of the Yamaha YAS-25 (the Asian version of Yamaha's student model) are definitely marked "Made in Japan". I think these horns were only made in the late 1980's and 1990's.

The Beaugnier and Leblanc-assembled models are definitely labelled "Made in France".

The USA-made horns are labelled, "Kenosha, Wisconsin".

You're essentially asking to encapsulate 50+ years of Vito manufacture in a one-sentence explanation, and that can't happen. I can say that the Beaugnier-made horns (and I think that this is only one or two models -- they had switchable articulated G# keys) are very nice, as are the horns with the Leblanc-system key layout.

I've not heard of Jupiter or German-made Vitos, but I'm not gonna discount that statement, either.
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