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Hey, wow! Finally found some fellow Leblanc/Vito sax enthusiasts. I own a 1953 Beaugnier made alto. It is gorgeous, has the strange g# key and is has a big bore. I have posted some info on saxquest in their forums. In my opinion, (painstakingly accrued over 15 yrs of researching), French made Vitos, Leblancs of any vintage are awesome, and underappreciated horns. Yanagisawa also made vitos (not just Bari's) throughout the 60's. You can tell the Yana made horns by the inside bell keys as well as having the strange g# key. Most of the newer ones are of inferior quality and are not much of an investment, but any of the older ones (Yana made or Beaugnier made) are a good investment from the point of view that they are stout, rugged pro horns and will keep on ticking after the cheeper chinese, japanese and even american made horns have long since been put to rest in the scrap heep.
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