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when Leon Leblanc died a couple of yrs ago(btw, he made it to 100+) i read something to the effect that Vito P. of Leblanc USA bought the French Leblanc company, intending to keep it somewhat intact(Leon did not have any kids to pass it along to).

Vito P. died last year or so, and his son took over the biz.

Interesting(no surprise to me) that the 'kid' peddles the biz in a flash to Steinway(actually, Selmer USA, as Selmer had purchased Steinway a few years ago and named the whole company Steinway, as it had the most recognizable name).
Anyway, history is full of examples(of which this is one) in which the 2nd or 3rd generation sells out the biz and takes the money and runs.
The press announcement -may- 'say' that they are gonna keep the company intact, but we'll see how that turns can bet that Steinway did -not- buy Leblanc just to let it rot, they bought it to make money and remove competition from the marketplace. In the corporate world that usually means 'consolidation'(read, plant closings & layoffs), along with 'efficiency enhancements'(read more layoffs).

We're kinda at the point now where you've got the Asians on the low end(with some hi end from Yani/Yahama,etc), the French, with relatively small numbers, but highest reputation, and the US(which means Steinway/Selmer) covering everything else.

I'm waiting for a 'Leblanc USA' saxophone my self :)
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