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I am not trying to bad mouthing Fred Lebayle but I really need some help.

I run a small saxophone accessories shop in Hong Kong.

Mid last year, I wrote Fred asking for dealership of his mouthpieces. Fred said okay and I made an order of 30+ mouthpieces (brass and hard rubber) and paid him in full.

After almost three months (October, 2009), Fred sent me some 15 metal mouthpieces as the first shipment. Unfortunately, some of the mouthpieces did not have cap or ligature or both (none of the mouthpieces came with a pouch as well).

I wrote Fred asking him for the missing caps and ligatures immediately. I also wanted him to tell me when the rest of my order would be ready. However, Fred did not answer me and i did not hear from him for several months. (I kept sending him emails, messages on facebook etc. )

Eight months later (May 21, 2010), Fred finally wrote me a message on facebook saying he was sorry and he was waiting for the hard rubber to complete my order (I saw my mainland China counterparts sold new orange package Lebayle hr and metal mouthpieces early this year). Fred also offered to replace the hard rubber mpcs I ordered with brass ones. I responded to his offer the next day. And I once thought the nightmare of endless waiting was finally over....

Unfortunately, I haven't heard from Fred since then. Though I left messages on his facebook and also an 'ultimatum' email to him in the past couple months, he is still ignoring me (Fred keeps updating his facebook status recently, I dont think he could miss my messages).

(I met an experienced music shop executive from mainland China a couple months ago. He told me his company faced a similar problem with Lebayle as well. Well, this executive said as his company's orders were much bigger than mine, so his company had bigger bargaining power dealing with Fred. The executive said his company held payments until Fred had the mouthpieces ready for ship.)

Can anyone advise me what to do?

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