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Lebayle Alto Sax mouthpieces

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does anybody have experience with this pieces? (sound,...)

Which one are the best ones? (AT chamber,studio, jazz,...) The wooden ones?


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I have an alto metal Jazz 8, I love this mpc. It has a warm slightly dark bottom range (up to E) and it goes up to brighter and open sound in the highs. response is great although Due to wear I can see the rails arent even. the tip rail is ok though and quite thin.

equipped with a Legere 2¾ I get a brighter sound and lush bottom, If you push it you can get really loud but it still sounds good.

hope i helped.
If you reed this article from steve neff you'll have more of an idea, this article was written about the (Tenor) Lebayle LRII but there`s also a mentioning of the wooden mouthpieces.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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