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Last week I sent my Mark VI to the shop to get adjusted and to have a few of the corks replaced.

Now, I always thought the horn was in perfect playing condition but the low notes weren't popping out easily just because of a mouthpiece/embouchure problem.

Anyways, I went to the shop today to pick up my horn and the head repairman told me that I had a pad (the A key) that was leaking up the wazoo, and so he replaced it. This was kinda strange to hear because the horn always responded really well, especially in the altissimo register. But I was thankful nonetheless, because he did so free of charge.

I went home, popped on my Florida Link 8. Not only did it respond so much better than it did before, the tone was fuller and warmer, I could get the low notes out easy as pie, and I could subtone with almost no extra effort.

The only thing that changed about it is that I can't get the altissimo out as easily. Maybe it's because I was so used to playing it with the leak?

So the moral of the story: the quality and seal of the pads makes a WORLD of difference.

Just thought I'd share.
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