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So it sounds like something happened to the regulation of the F and below, causing the F# or F keys not to close fully. This could also be caused by perhaps the F# trill key getting knocked and leaking...although given you say that it is alleviated if you press the F down very hard, I doubt the latter.

Yes it could also be that the F or F# key got knocked out of sealing. But if you are certain the sax didn't get knocked, then it could be that

a) a piece of regulating material which links the F stack to F# stack fell when the F is depressed, the F# above it is leaking.

It is also possible

b) something in the armature linkage of the F# key to the G# key above (or to the Bis key arm) got wonky (for example the regulating screw moved, if there are regulating screws on the F# armature), so the F# leaks.

Either of these possibilities would 'take away' the F, E, D. It would also explain how 'pushing down the F and E very hard' would make the problem go away.

If you wanna check that out before taking it somewhere, you MAY be able to see the problem with the naked eye....

1) take your left hand and close the F# lower stack keycup with a finger. Then with your right hand, finger a low F on the lower stack, not hard but fairly gently. Then lift your left hand finger off of the F# keycup. Did the F# keycup move ?

2) take your left hand finger and push down hard on the G# keycup, then finger your F note. Watch the F# keycup, and remove your finger from the G# cup. Did the F# cup move ? Repeat the same except push down the Bis key armature fairly hard (instead of the G# keycup).

Pretty easy fix...get it to a repair tech, I cannot imagine it taking more than 30 mins. It may take 5 mins....
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