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Le Fleur?

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My teacher has just given me a Clarinet and the markings are a fluer de lys with the words Le fleur (could be La fleur) and London Paris New York underneath on the barrel and bell.
it is made of wood (Blackwood?) and appears to have nickel keys as they are a dull grey in colour. has anyone heard of these. (I did use the search button).it has a metal band on the bottom of the bell and on all the joints
My teacher has had it for over 20 years.

Also what mouthpiece and reed would you recommend for a clarinet beginner.
I play a MeYer 5M with a Legere studio cut 2 1/4 reed (about a 3 in Rico) on my alto sax

Thanking you for your replies in advance:D
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Are you sure the keys are not un-plated cupronickel?
If they are unplated cupronickel, then Brasso will probably be more successful.
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