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Lawton Priced ok?

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I have recently found New in box lawton mouthpieces (10*BB, and 9*B) in the Gold plated Brass.

Price each: $500 Reasonable?

Austin Brister
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I would have thought that was too much. They're good pieces but, even new, you're right at the top end there. $350 seems more like it, especially as these openings are going to have a limited appeal and they're brass rather than bronze.
There's a 6* with a BIN of £169.00 on ebay and a 7* with a BIN of £155.00. That's a bit low I would think but there they are. I seem to recall an 8*BB going for about £185.00 fairly recently. They aren't so common these days but it's still only the Icons that have been fetching really high prices. I suppose with Geoff gone and his son not producing many then maybe they will start to increase. New ones seem to be pitched around the £250.00 mark though.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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