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Laura Saxophones

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I am assuming this is another asian horn, but was wondering if anybody knows any details on them? Potentially maybe even played one? I have seen them all over ebay in the last little while and was just wondering.
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I had one given to me and it is much much better than I thought it would be. It is set up exactly like a Mark VI. Does it sound like a Mark VI, no, but it does have a nice sound, decent action, and great range. I can make it absolutely scream or growl with very little effort! The sound changes substantially depending on the mouthpiece and reed. As far as it looks, it is spectacular, the engraving is quite nice. I would consider this a high end intermediate horn performance wise, and an absolute steal price wise. Overall value a B+ to A-. I actually used the horn for one recording and played it live for a couple of songs at the 2012 Yosemite International Jazz Festival. These horns are worth a look if it fits what you are looking for price and performance wise. I sold my Yamaha 61 and 62 Altos and now use the Laura for a back up. As with any horn, lot's of variables, I may gotten the only really good one - who knows! I am very satisfied with it.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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