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Laura Saxophones

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I am assuming this is another asian horn, but was wondering if anybody knows any details on them? Potentially maybe even played one? I have seen them all over ebay in the last little while and was just wondering.
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The branding on these kinds of horns is not necessarily exclusive. That means that even if someone else here has a sax with "Laura" stenciled on the bell, there is no guarantee that is was actually made by the same people in the same factory.

First, forget about the brand snobbery we often see on this and other forums. Next, remember that buying an unknown brand of sax over the internet has substantial risk. You might get a very serviceable saxophone at a low price. And you might get something unplayable or something that needs constant repair to stay playable. You will not know until you have it in hand and have played it for a while. And then there's intonation problems and other issues and quality concerns that can arise.

For something with high risk like this, my rule is to never spend more money than I can afford to loose without pain. If it's just fun money, have fun. But if you have limited funds and need a good instrument, I'd avoid these types of deals.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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