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Just wanna share the happiness I have on my Berg HR tenor mpc refaced by Marin. It was a 105/1/M and Marin cleaned it up and closed it slightly to .102" with a long facing. It was not custom-made for me, just one of the mpcs he had refaced to his standards and put on sale here.

I got this piece last November, tried it, but didn't like it too much back then. I listed it for sale (for GAS sake) couple of weeks ago, but upon finding Marin had his own refacing business set up, I decided I would test it again in case I missed anything.

Wow had I missed a lot! This mouthpiece played on every reed I put on it and felt just great. Absolutely a keeper for me and cured my GAS right away. I think I used to bite too hard when I first tried it and that made it sound awful, especially for a long facing mpc it is.

Needless to say this piece is well finished and the rails and facings are prefect. What really amazed me is that all the used reeds I tested on this Berg sounded exactly the same as they were played on their "paired" mpcs. I paired Rigotti Gold with the DG Studio and Vandoren Java Green with the Link NY STM, and on this Berg they sounded exactly as a DG and Link respectively. It's like the mpc brought out the true sound of the reed.

I have never encountered any mouthpiece like this one at all and I wonder if I will find another, if not from Marin :lol:

Kudos to Marin and his great work!

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