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Late bloomer having a blast

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I'm 61 year old guy have some fun living out a fantasy of playing rock snd roll saxophone on stage since about six years ago. Classic over tunes, classic rock, blues stuff still gives me thrill to be able to play. However, about a year ago a friend asked me to join a jam group that played with no plan. Someone in that group of five or six would start playing, and others would listen snd join in. No key signature mentioned, no chord progression, just listen and play. And listen. What's that bass player building? Where is the guitar player going? Did the drummer drop acid again (just kidding).? After a while it gets to where we kind of of know our tendencies, but not so much that we get in a rut..

A few weeks ago I hit the record button when things seemed like they were cooking along pretty well and I got this. It was was recorded on a zoom L20, mixed in logic with a healthy dose of space designer plugin.

It just knocks m our that I can do this. Maybe you won't like what I did, but on the other hand, I don't care, maybe some other late bloomer will hear it and say "oh hell yes, that's the kind of energy and connection with my mates I want to get!" cj 334 9-4-20.mp3
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Claxton, nice to hear this energetic recording, can for sure hear that you enjoyed it a lot. Guitar was a bit loud (aren't they always), but you did a good job fighting him! Thanks for sharing.
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