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After 15 years of saxophone playing, and trying/buying/selling countless mouthpieces, I just realised that my final choices of alto, tenor and sop pieces all have one commonality: all 3 pieces are larger tips with smaller chambers. I did NOT consciously choose or look out for such characteristics when I settled on these pieces. So it suprised me when I realised it.

Tenor: Guardala King (small chamber, 120 tip)
Alto: Beechler (HR 'diamond' S9S)
Sop: Selmer scroll shank G tip

Just curious to know what does this say about me? That my embochure sub-consciously 'chose' these 3 mouthpieces? Hint: I'm not a hard-blower, I subtone alot and I like a nice and full tone with 'meat' in the sound.
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