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Hello everybody,

I compared two HR mouthpieces (basically Link copies) that are each described by their makers as having a "true large chamber". I realise that I always asumed that the volume/dimension of all large chambers is equal. Sort of like in terms of tip opening a 7* is an .105".

Now I'm wondering how much variation is there between one large chamber (Link) and another and if this could be classified more precisely as we do with tip openings?

I'm curious about this because between the two pieces, I really liked the one that seemed to have a slightly smaller chamber, but which was still labeled as being a large chamber. (Meaning it fit easier on the neck cork and also felt/looked slightly smaller inside).

I know there are many variables that come into play and it's about the interplay of the whole geometry - please feel free to add any thoughts on this - but I'm especially curious about the chambers.

Thank you!
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