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large chamber Baritone mouthpiece

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Hi All,

I’m currently looking for a secondhand large chamber Baritone mouthpiece. Ideally in a 9 or 10 tip opening. It’s for an old 1932 SSS Selmer baritone. Standard length Bergs and even the smaller chamber Lawton’s aren’t practical as they have to be pulled too far out to tune.

The huge pickle-barrel piece it came with sounds and tunes great but is fairly closed so I’m looking for other options. I’m sure a link would work well or even a MC Gregory or one of Morgans MC copies in XL length, Also interested in other pickle-barrel pieces by Woodwind Co, Riffault etc

Do any of you have something that would fit the above description that you would be up for selling?

Very best,

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I have been blowing a Jody Jazz Custom Dark HR 6* on my baritone saxophone for some time: very large chamber, very good intonation, beautiful warm and colorful sound. Highly recommended!
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