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I'm currently trialing a J6,J8 and a HR Link V 7* all from Saxalley. I'm a bit torn between how the Lambersons play and how the Link sounds. I'm using a V16 reed and it seems like the Lambersons play very easy but lack the fullness of sound of the Link. Plus the Link seems to let me shape the sound more than the Lamberson. I think I read somewhere on SOTW to play the Lamberson for while before making a decision. Anyone have that kind of experience with thee pieces? Also, what reeds are people using on these pieces?
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MitchP said:
Th Lamberson is very free blowing but lacks a good Link's character.
That was my experience too.
Hey Bob,

I trialed one of those J6's from mouthpiece alley. I wonder if we trialed the same piece? When I sent it back I ordered a Link V 6*. I had the link sent to Brian Powell, who is going to open it up to around a 7*. I decided on this instead of just ordering a 7* because Brian suggested that this way the piece will end up with just a little bit more baffle for that little extra push. I'll let you know how it is when I get it.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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