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I'm currently trialing a J6,J8 and a HR Link V 7* all from Saxalley. I'm a bit torn between how the Lambersons play and how the Link sounds. I'm using a V16 reed and it seems like the Lambersons play very easy but lack the fullness of sound of the Link. Plus the Link seems to let me shape the sound more than the Lamberson. I think I read somewhere on SOTW to play the Lamberson for while before making a decision. Anyone have that kind of experience with thee pieces? Also, what reeds are people using on these pieces?
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The Link V is more robust or has more character to the sound than the V16 but the V16 is freer blowing. Also I can hear more air coming thru the sound on the Link. The V16 is like all tone and no air. The Link isn't as bright either.

The Link is overall a good playing and sounding piece and I don't think I can rationalize speding the extra money on the Lamberson. I could send the Link to be refaced for 60 bucks and still be under the price of the lamberson.

I think MitchP and ZenBen are right on with the description of a Lamberson.

Funny you should mention sending it to Powell. I just got thru comparing the V16 to the Link V and I decided I would keep the Link (I already own the V16) and send it to Powell. I just want it cleaned up as it doesn't hold a seal at all and that can't be good. Definately post or send me a PM when you get it back.

1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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