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Just listened to a few more of his tracks. Seems like he's changed his tone considerably and it's just on this video he's got that buzz sound in his tone. Don't know if it's a matter of set up, or a real change in his approach to tone. The Buzz is OK in some settings, but in my opinion in this group/setting stands too far aside from the other instruments in timbre.

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I thought that his sound was just beautifull ,
Man, he s a mongster player.
What a band with him.
Love those tempo changes!!!

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Urbanski plays a P.Mauriat 66rul nowadays, and his sound is darker now. I like the bright clear but at the same time breathy tone on his selmer. He sounds great on the Mauriat too.
Funny to see how a player can change sound with setup and technique. Here is Krzysztof playing a Keilwerth MKX:

So different from the first clip in this thread. ;-)
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