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Case 2 (640x480).jpg Case inside (640x480).jpg D D# keys (480x640).jpg Engraving Kohlert soprano (640x480).jpg Left side kohlert soprano (640x480).jpg Mouthpiece Kohlert (640x480).jpg Number 1 (480x640).jpg right side Kohlert soprano (640x480) (2).jpg

Hello! I wanted to post a message to the saxophone community. I have an old soprano saxophone, bent, V. Kohlert sohne. The only number I can find is 1 - this would be from 1901 according to a register I found. The number 1 is upside down! I have the original case and mouthpiece. The sound is nice. However high E and F keys are not mounted. I wonder if anyone knows more about this model. It is not for sale. Usually I play an alto Buescher from 1929.
I bought this Kohlert soprano in an Antique store in Stockholm some years ago.

Thina Stockholm Sweden
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