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KOHLERT Soprano #0510 ???

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:? When do ya suppose this puppy was made..?:? :? :? it's a gold lac.. like new they say..I just bought it, haven't seen it yet..was a movie prop:( :shock:
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Actually I'm very surprised..for a horn that cost less than some of my ligs it plays really well..The G# spring was unhooked, a quick fix and the thing plays top to bottom with ease. Well I guess it's a series II copy. I like the feel. I recently sold my series III after a long honeymoon. I just didn't like the complicated mechanism and two piece design. I'll replace that horn someday with a VI.
The Kohlert has a good solid scale too. All the tones match perfectly unlike some Asians I've played. Well, it's no Selmer but the tone is certainly decent.The response is far easier than my III was.. I could play a job on this horn.
I looked it over carefully and it's surprisingly well finished too. No it doesn't feel as solid or heavy as a vintage axe or modern pro horn but it probably won't self destruct either, nothing falling off or loose. So far so good.
Far as the serial # 0510 ??... must be a model# there's 7 digit # under the thumbhook.
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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