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Kohlert Saxophones

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Hi all

Anyone can tell where the Modern Kohlert Saxophones are being manufactured? I'm looking at a Baritone now, but I'm really a Selmer Paris kind of guy, but had to sell my SA 80 II Bari to grab a 114XXX MK VI alto that's a match set for my Mk VI 114XXX tenor. Thanks... So, I'm looking for a moderate priced bari for now...

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I was actually surprised to see a modern manufacturer trying to capitalize on the Kohlert brand, given that vintage Kohlerts are undervalued to begin with. My awesome vintage Kohlerts are both very well-made and fun to play, with a really nice balance of spread and focused tone, but they wouldn't fetch much on the open market.

Then again, the company's long defunct, so stealing their name's unlikely to result in a cease and desist order. And the Kohlert line, while identifiably European and vintage, isn't as fully documented as the Selmer, Conn or King lines. So potential vendors of a new "Kohlert" might be more easily tricked into thinking they've found the real McCoy. Plus a Chinese-made "Dolnet," "York" or "Couturier" would probably have no more selling power than a "Kohlert".
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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