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Kohlert Saxophones

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Hi all

Anyone can tell where the Modern Kohlert Saxophones are being manufactured? I'm looking at a Baritone now, but I'm really a Selmer Paris kind of guy, but had to sell my SA 80 II Bari to grab a 114XXX MK VI alto that's a match set for my Mk VI 114XXX tenor. Thanks... So, I'm looking for a moderate priced bari for now...

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Indeed and have NOTHING to do with Kohlert at all, you may as well pick a Taishan. Buying secondhand should give you better and cheaper options .
When a few years ago the SML group ( which existed way past them stopping to make saxophones and they were the French importer of Yanagisawa ) was sold off, they sold the SNL logo to a chain of shops in France they own the rights , while Marigaux and B&S (both belonging to the group) became their own independent company.

I don鈥檛 think that the Chinese users of the Kohlert name ever bought the brand but started using it because no one claimed it, a bit like Adolphe Sax.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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