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I have a very nice oboe I know nothing about. It says "Leggett Special" on it, and it is wooden (grenadilla?), not plastic. I'm guessing it is 50's vintage but there are no cracks and it seals up very well.

My web searches have found nothing except the Malerne saxophone connection with the term "Leggett Special". I'm guessing this may be a stencil oboe made by Malerne and they stamped the same "Leggett Special" on it. And since it doesn't turn up on the web searches it may be rare. Ok, well I can always hope!!!! :)

I'd like to know if this is a decent student, intermediate or professional level horn and what it might be worth. I'm guessing student/intermediate........but I can't begin to guess at the price.

Anyone have any knowledge to share?
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