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Hi all, new to forum and instrument.

I took it up a week ago from the clarinet and had been making good progress.
Had been lazy and not been putting it back in its case though and resting it against sofa - well today I knocked it over.
I checked all the keys and they seemed fine - nothing bent out of place.

Playing it suddenly seemed to be more difficult though. Afterwards I noticed a small spring on the floor - not 100% sure it is from the instrument but the two things combined (harder playing and knocking it over) make me think it probably is.

Does anyone have a guide as to where the springs should be in the instrument? How easy is it to put back?

Having done a bit of playing around with it I think the problem is with the lower upper register (D-G#).
When the lowest white key of the first set is pressed down, it also seems to force shut the valve from the register key.
When it is released (e.g. for high A) the valve fully opens again and the note seems clearer.

I live somewhere where there are zero repair shops (a least not without a flight)

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